Our Pilates sessions are driven by professional and chartered physiotherapists able to facilitate a wide range of exercises that will allow you to strengthen and tone any muscle in your body produced by smooth movements and stretching.

A lot of effort is put into different areas of the abdomen, able to protect your back during intense training. Pilates will also help you better control your body, enhancing balance, breathing, coordination and learning how to have a correct posture all day long.

Pilates Reformer springs help adjusting the complexity of the exercise according to the capabilities of the person exercising. For this reason, it is a great option for people with pathologies such as hernia, scoliosis, artrosis… due to the fact that springs assist with the movements allowing you to improve at a good pace. Pilates is great for rehabilitation.

Pero a su vez es también la mejor opción para hacer un Pilates más avanzado, gente que domine el Pilates suelo, ya que los mismos muelles que nos ayudan, según su disposición también nos sirven de resistencia para dificultar el movimiento, podemos retar al cuerpo con los mejores ejercicios isotónicos, con trabajos contra resistencias, tirando de los resortes de manera repetida y con unos excelentes ejercicios isométricos donde aguantamos la tensión de los muelles durante cada vez más tiempo con brazos,piernas, lumbares, dorsales…

This sessions can accommodate up to 5 people and equipment is adjusted according to the needs of each of our customers. In this sessions, fitness ball, theraband bands, weights, hoop, etc are also used. Pilates Reformer is a very exciting and complete exercise.

When practising Pilates Mat, many exercises will make you fight against gravity. It is initially a bit more difficult than Pilates Reformer due to the lack of equipment to facilitate our movements. As a result, we need to have more control over our body and mind. It is worth highlighting that our professional staff is able to adjust the complexity of the exercise at any time to make sure that exercises are executed correctly. In Pilates Mat we use a wide range of equipment such as fitball, elastic bands, balance platforms, bosu balance and more…


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